Heineken & Publicis

Partnering globally and locally

We are the lead local creative agency for brand Heineken, the crown jewel of the Heineken Ireland portfolio.

Working alongside Publics Groupe Worldwide as the lead agency internationally, Publicis Dublin is tasked with localising and building on Global strategy and creative assets. In addition, we are tasked with leading and co-ordinating with six local partner agencies.

We utilise the global individualised data driven marketing strategy. This gives the work a strategic edge while offering the ability to test/learn/refine channels and copy, in campaign.

RWC Campaign

An example of the power of this approach was evident in the local activity for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. We were commissioned to develop a campaign that would anchor the tournament for Irish rugby fans, leveraging the brand’s impeccable rugby credentials and, importantly, stem the swing in rugby associations with other brands. The use of an Irish rugby icon, the singularity of the message and its applicability to both on-trade and off-trade resulted in a very successful brand outcome.


Heineken’s OOH out-performed competitor brands, with more relevant cues and by demonstrating the social side of rugby. The OOH scored above industry benchmarks across all metrics. In addition Heineken stretched its lead as the leading beer associated with Rugby. (Metrixlab 2020). This is a textbook example of how best to utilise global creative and amplify with local insight.