Bord Gáis Energy

Warm new customers to a summer boiler service

Bord Gáis Energy came to us with a key problem they face every year; keeping their service engineers busy during summer months.

Servicing jobs decline when the weather gets warmer and Bord Gáis Energy lose service engineers who chose other alternatives. They were already down multiple engineers versus the previous year and it was crucial to keep the remaining engineers busy and ensure they stay on for the vital winter months. Meanwhile the other issue is that customers simply don’t consider getting a boiler serviced during these months; it’s not top of mind, nor what they would like to spend their money on.

We understood that people resent having to fork out for a boiler service; an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mentality. Crucially though, the potential financial implication of not looking after your boiler is considerable, something which people don’t realise.

Our Approach

Hammer home the notion of getting ahead of financial comeuppance before it’s too late

To dramatize the need to invest in your boiler, show people just how much the cost of doing nothing is.

The challenge was to communicate this through an acquisition campaign. Gain new customers, while also keeping our service engineers busy!

Our ‘Disnyce Place’ film humorously depicts how a boiler breakage could mean cancelling the family summer holiday… while also promoting an offer featuring a free boiler service for new customers.


The campaign was hugely successful in increasing acquisitions with an increase of 21% in the first 7 weeks of the campaign.

We ensured the stabilisation of engineer losses, while also increasing the average number of bookings per engineer by 24% during the summer period when compared to the last years’ numbers.